3 Act Physics – First attempts

These are the first drafts of applying Dan Meyer’s 3 act maths here  into physics having had some previous ideas here and a premise of using intuition here – After all isn’t maths just physics with the toys removed?

Below are act 1s . These are the ‘hooks’ to generate questions that would lead into explorations of act 2. The reveals , act 3 are all on my youtube channel but please dont look until you have really thought the problems through. These will probably be also put on Dan Meyer’s 101QS when/if  I get permission here

Bouncy demolition ball

A great way to break a cup

How to blow a candle out

Suspended ball mystery

Comments, suggestions and contributions as always welcome. This is a non commercial resource, so please keep it that way.

There will be many more to follow

3 thoughts on “3 Act Physics – First attempts

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